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Kuldeep Singh

Since my childhood day, I use to think in a different way, doing the things differently…. a researcher ….a creator an inventor !!!!!! always doing something new and living close to nature.

” SIMPLICITY…….the edge to be different !!!!”

I believe in “being myself”. I have always loved the art of photography. Seeing the world through the lenses of a camera has inspired me to pursue my passion. I have been an amateur photographer for almost 5 years now. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, traveling and of course, taking pictures!

Amazing moments happen all around us, everyday. It is my goal to capture the most important and memorable of these moments for you to cherish for years to come.

I select to be labeled this way, for an “amateur” is not about the lack of skills or experience. An “amateur” is about the passion that you carry like the first day you shot with a camera!

If you would like to use commercially any of my photos, or if you wish to know more about my photography work or services, please contact me.


ahmpwI am also the founder and the team player of Ahmedabad Photowalkers (APW) group. The group is created to unite, the photography enthusiasts & like-minded photography lovers, who can learn & share the art of photography in modest simple possible manner by sharing their experience in this field and joining in the photography group activities. We schedule photowalks every Sunday where APW members joins to explore, learn and share the art of photography.


I am basically a plastic professional, who believes ” don’t say NO to plastics , KNOW plastics.” maximize ” Reuse, Recycle” of plastics to conserve the universe. At Onkar Plastics, we use maximum recycled plastics, blend it to make a compound, to meet the standards, with cutting edge technology. At Onkar Plastics, we do customized injection moulding work, with assembly and post moulding operations. At Onkar plastics, we have personalized printing division,  “Cool Print“, where we do personalized printing of T-Shirts, Mugs etc on personal /office  merchandise.

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